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Fitness with my kids!

I wanted to share some pictures of my kids!  The past few class periods in 7th grade science we have been studying about the skeletal & muscular systems and I wanted to add a little bit of life application! To help understand about how muscle pairs work together and how to build muscular strength and flexibility we did some body weight exercises & yoga poses.

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Learning English with Mrs. Kay!

Welcome to my POH English class.  POH is a mix between traditional content courses and ESL. This level is for our intermediate English speakers and the goal is to build a students’ English ability and prepare them for Open High (equivalent to a US academy).

Recently, we finished reading selections of Anne Frank’s Diary and learning about the Holocaust. We were able to take a closer look in the Anne Frank House through an awesome 3D experience at  At the of our Anne Frank unit the boys worked in pairs to designed posters to tell about Anne Frank’s story.  Here is what they created:

Tommy & Jack


Kyle & Andrew


Currently, we have just started “Holes.” Check back soon and I will post some of their projects and activities!

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Mrs. Kay’s World of Reading

Here are some of the things my 7th grade readers have been working over the last few weeks:

Father Christmas’s presents for Peter, Susan, & Lucy



Character Profile Poster

For these posters students searched through the book to find quotes to define and support various aspects (Speech, Appearance, Personality, Wants/Desires, & Relationships with others) about a chosen character.



This girl really tapped into her creative side by using different pictures to represent aspects of the White Witch’s personality!



Literature Log

I got this amazing idea from 25 Terrific Literature Activities, it is a great way for students to easily find their work and to keep everything organized.  And of course it helps me manage assignments and makes grading much easier!

Here is a look at some of my students’ literature logs:



Reading strategies & Character Traits sheets for students to refer to as they read (thank you pinterest!!!)


“Table of Assignment” Student keep track of all their assignments, once they are completed I check them off and if necessary write in their score.

“Holes” Dictionary

My kids are just starting “Holes” so along with a literature log they have created their own dictionaries! Inside is a section for words I have assignment and one for new words they will learn as they read.


St. Patrick’s Day Activity:

“I’m Lucky” booklets ~ to celebrate St. Patrick’s day we read about the history of Saint Patrick and the kids made shamrock booklets telling why they are lucky!


Outside of Class Reading:

Reading Rewards program ~ I have challenged my students (and myself) to read as much as possible outside of class.  To encourage students to read we have started a reading rewards program.  It is quite simple each book a student reads = a paper ice cream scoop, when we reach 30 scoops they get a free day full of ice cream and fun!  The books have to be in English and they must be chapter books.  Once they finish a book, they write a short book report, fill out a scoop and tape it to our growing ice cream cone.


Well that is a little look into Mrs. Kay’s World of Reading, I hope you enjoyed the visit!!

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