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Breathtakingly Beautiful Bali!!!

Greetings and Happy New Year!

The entire country of China recently shut down to celebrate the New Year.  To the world this festival is known as Chinese New Year (CNY).  To those of us living and working in China it meant three weeks of vacation!  And talk about a much needed vacation, after only having a day or two off for the major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) our bodies and minds are accustomed to, we were ready for a break.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Our First Christmas

Happy Holidays to our wonderful friends and family across the globe!!!  Kyle and I are into the first 48 hours of the new year and so far 2012 is pretty amazing.  We spent of all New Year’s day indulging in the luxuries of no school tomorrow and Monday…I read all day (I literally read for about 11 hours… Mockingjay…) and Kyle played video games:)  Tomorrow we are off to Shanghai to shop, explore and eat western food.

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Coming Soon…

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