Our 1st Graders!!!

Yesterday was our last regular day of school.  The older kids got out early so in the after noon (after a friendly soccer match) Kyle and I went to play with the 1st graders for one last time!  Here are some pictures of our little cuties!!!





Trini (formally known as Ingrid)







Mr. Kay with Sun & Jason

Trini & Katie with all their books (for summer homework) ready to go!

Kohei enjoying his Coco

Thank you, Miss Lisa

Frank being silly with his Coco balls

Sun is very creative.

His Starbucks book bag was a little too heavy so he fixed the problem!

Eric was amazed watching Mr. Kay shoot Coco pearls out the window

Cleaning out their cubbies on the last day


Estelle is ready to go!!!


Oh how we love this kiddos!  We could not have asked for a better set of kids!  It is going to be so hard to say goodbye.  I am trying to cherish every last second and take as many pictures as possible so I never forget these beautiful faces!!


One thought on “Our 1st Graders!!!

  1. Cheryl The says:

    Thanks for sharing your year with us! It has been terrific reading about your experiences and seeing your pictures.

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