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Shanghai Half Marathon & A Few Hours in Hong Kong

Hello Again!

Exhausted, yet accomplished, after 2 hours 52 minutes & 13.1 miles of running

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American Thanksgiving and a Chinese Black Friday

Hello Dear Family & Friends!

I know it has been a while since I last blogged!  It has been quite a busy month.  It all started with Kyle traveling to Shenzhen (a mainland city across from Hong Kong) for a week long training course.  It was the same course I took with Lisa in Beijing. This time Kyle and Shaun (Lisa’s brother) had the opportunity to take a week off work and learn about teaching English in China.  The week after Kyle came home we had a few days off for Thanksgiving.  It was great to have a few days off and even more wonderful to have a REAL Thanksgiving meal (correction TWO meals).  We also had our own version “Black Friday” in the Shanghai fake and fabric markets.  The following weekend (this past weekend) we ran the Shanghai Half Marathon.  Then later that day I flew out to Hong Kong for a short (less than 48 hours) visa run.  Which brings us to today:) Now that you have had a quick recap of our busy life as first year teachers lets get to the pictures and the details of our “adventures”

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