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Field Day:)


Another week has past and I am in desperate need of some Sabbath Rest. This past week has been super busy, last Friday we had our first big SA event, field day, and then last night we had our Halloween Party.  Even though it was busy both events went well and the kids had a wonderful time!!!  I have lots of picture for both so this post will just have Field Day stuff…  Stay tuned for Halloween and pumpkin carving photos!

This past Friday we had a field day.  In the morning the kids played games in a round robin tournament.  Then in the afternoon they did a scavenger hunt and played relays.  Since our school is grades 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, 10m & 11th we choose to spilt the school into 6 teams and those teams will compete together throughout the whole year.  Kyle’s is team orange!  They finished first at field day.

Well I think I have talked enough:) Now it is time for pictures!!!!

good night & happy Sabbath!!!


p.s. go RANGERS!!!!!

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Field Trip Photos!!!


This week has been a long one.  In China after having a long break, like we had last week for the National Holiday, the government requires students to go to school on the weekend to make up the “lost” days.  So this past Sunday we had a regular school day making this a six day school week:)  Thankfully today was a field trip or I think all of us would have had our students watching movies in class today.  When I first heard that we were taking a field trip I thought it would be for educational purposes…but not in China.  Basically, our field trip consisted of wandering around a park for a few hours, eating, and then wandering around a different park for another few hours:) I have put up a lot of pictures for you guys to see (if you want to enlarge any pictures just click it).  I hope you enjoy them:)

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A week in Hong Kong!!!

This past week Kyle and I had the week off due to China’s National Holiday (China’s birthday).  We looked into doing a few different trips this break but ultimately decided upon Hong Kong because Kyle had to get a new Chinese visa.  We left Shanghai on Sunday and returned Friday.  During our time in Hong Kong we stayed at the Hong Kong Adventist Acdemys’s guesthouse.  It was a great place to stay. We had the VIP suite and there were beautiful views surrounding the campus.  If you are ever in Hong Kong contact the school! Hong Kong is an amazing city and I hope that we can travel back before we return to the States.  Anyways, below I have made a list of trip’s highlights and lowlights and at the end there is a gallery of my favorite pictures from our wonderful vacation!!!  Enjoy!!

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