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A Little Water Town and Beijing


I know it has been a while!  Last week I had to go to Beijing with a fellow teacher to complete a training course.  The course is a requirement to teach in China if you do not have two years of teaching experience.  The course lasted 7 days and we were in class from 9 – 5.  The long class days did not leave much time to sightsee.  We were actually only able to visit two of Beijing’s major attractions.  Thankfully, we did get one afternoon off to visit.  We decided that The Great Wall was the most important place to visit if we could only choose one.  The Great Wall was quite amazing!  It goes on forever.  It definitely deserves the title of one of the 7 wonders of the world!

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As promised here are some pictures of our lovely little school and a little bit of information about where we work.  The school we work at is call Kushan International School (KSIS).  The program we teach is called the American Program (AP).  The main part of the school is an international school with close to 500 or 600 (I do not the exact enrollment) students.  Within the school there are a few programs.  Along with our program there is a domestic high school or a public school and preschool.  The preschool classroom is located just below mine and all day I hear the little 2 and 3 years old crying!  I am not 100% sure of the details of how the school is broken down but that is the basic idea.

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School has Begun….


I apologize for the delay in updating the blog.  School just started on Thursday and as you can imagine life has been quite busy.  Our time has been spent creating course outlines, making syllabus for each class, organizing the classrooms and work space, etc…  Now it is the weekend and we get to rest.

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